Psychological Health Center of Excellence (PHCoE) provides tri-service support for initial and sustainment training including:

  • Five-day initial training for behavioral health care facilitators (BHCFs)
  • Four-day initial training for internal behavioral health consultants (IBHCs)
  • One-hour telephone training for new external behavioral health consultants (EBHCs)
  • Monthly IBHC sustainment training webinars

IBHC Sustainment Training Webinars

PHCoE provides tri-service support for webinars on topics to include:


  • December 2015: Asthma in Integrated Primary Care Settings
  • November 2015: Older Adults in Integrated Primary Care Settings
  • October 2015: Treating Depressive Symptoms in IBHC Primary Care
  • September 2015: Primary Care Assessment and Intervention for Insomnia
  • August 2015: Group Medical Appointments in the PCMH
  • July 2015: Treating Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care
  • June 2015: Incorporating Brief Alcohol Interventions in Primary Care
  • May 2015: The Role of the IBHC in Diabetes Self-management
  • April 2015: Leaving Work “On Time”
  • March 2015: PCBH Assessment and Intervention for Couple Distress
  • February 2015: Assessment and Behavioral Treatment of Headaches in Primary Care
  • January 2015: Addressing Sexual Function Problems in the PCMH: Brief Behavioral Interventions


  • December 2014: Inter-professional Team Functioning and Use of Clinical Pathways
  • November 2014: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness Strategies in Primary Care
  • October 2014: Psychotropic Medication Review and Update
  • August 2014: Application of Evidence-based Interventions for Chronic Conditions in Primary Care
  • July 2014: Motivational Interviewing: Overcoming Ambivalence and Promoting Target Behavior Change During the Internal Behavioral Health Consultant Encounter
  • June 2014: Internal Behavioral Health Consultation Services: Why Manage Suicide in Primary Care?
  • May 2014: Ethical Standards for a New Environment of Service Delivery
  • April 2014: Optimizing PCBH Treatment of Military Service Members through Cultural Coherence
  • March 2014: ADHD: Assessment, Diagnosis and Evidence-based Practices for Children and Adults Presenting in the Primary Care Clinic
  • February 2014: Evidence-based Interventions for Common Behavioral Health Problems
  • January 2014: Health Anxiety (Somatic Symptom Disorder & Illness Anxiety Disorder) Evidence-based Assessment and Intervention in Primary Care


  • December 2013: Identification and Management of Anxiety in the Primary Care Setting
  • November 2013: Biopsychosocial Treatment of Hypertension in Primary Care
  • October 2013: Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems in Primary Care
  • September 2013: Smoking Cessation: Evidence-based Assessment and Treatment in Primary Care
  • August 2013: PCBH Management of Chronic Pain
  • July 2013: Motivating Health Behavior Change in the Military Primary Care System
  • June 2013: Behavioral Health and the Management of Diabetes Mellitus
  • May 2013: Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation in Primary Care: Part 2
  • April 2013: Alcohol Misuse Assessment in the Primary Care Setting
  • March 2013: Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation in Primary Care: Part I
  • February 2013: Using the DUKE Health Profile in PCMHs
  • January 2013: Obesity and Weight Management

IBHCs within DoD can access these archived IBHC Sustainment Training Webinars.