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Pilot Program Selection Process

The PBI Network team conducts piloting of interventions and practice change initiatives at a small number of clinical sites around the world prior to broader dissemination throughout the Military Health System (MHS). The purpose of the pilots is to test for appropriateness and effectiveness and to collect lessons learned prior to extensive implementation. The PBI Network welcomes pilot proposals from organizations, researchers, and clinicians both internal and external to the Department of Defense. Pilot proposals must go through a selection process – a months-long endeavor to select the most relevant, evidence-based psychological health intervention. The process involves:

  • Call for Proposals

    A formal Call for Proposals is formally sent out once per year to PBI Network contacts, psychological health associations, medical organizations, academic institutions and posted on the PBI Network webpage. Proposal submissions are welcome year-round; however, the formal call for proposals is open for six weeks in September and October. Proposals submitted at other times of the year will be held to be considered after the formal call for proposals closes.

  • Proposal Compliance Checks

    Once the formal call for proposals window has closed, the applications received are reviewed by the Psychological Health Center of Excellence (PHCoE) for submission compliance, relevance and feasibility. The PBI Network team will contact applicants if additional information is needed to move forward in the proposal selection process.

  • Practice Change Prioritization Work Group

    After meeting compliance check requirements, each proposal is formally evaluated by the Practice Change Prioritization Working Group, a group of psychological health experts who work in both DoD and non-DoD agencies, to score and rank each proposal submission using a process adapted from the National Institutes of Health scoring system. The following weighted evaluation criteria will be used:

    • Established Need: nature of the problem, including service/implementation gaps, and document the extent of the need
    • Mission Alignment: The solution aligns to the Defense Health Agency and PHCoE missions
    • Quality of Evidence: Evidence presented from at least one well designed, adequately powered, randomized controlled trial or quasi-experimental study, published in a peer-reviewed journal
    • Readiness for Dissemination: Associated resource(s)/product(s) for the practice change initiative are in final or near final form and have been utilized with at least one population
    • Sustainment Plan: Articulation of a plan for sustainability of practice change post pilot testing

  • Behavioral Health Clinical Community

    The ranked proposals are then forwarded, along with results from the annual Provider Needs and Assessment Survey, to the Behavioral Health Clinical Community (BHCC) for review. The BHCC selects a pilot to be implemented by the PBI Network team.

The final proposal selection will be made within 120 days of the closing date of the call for proposals. The selected proposal’s applicant(s) will be contacted by the PBI Network to begin planning the pilot.

Please note: proposal submissions are welcome year-round; however, they will only be ranked and considered for implementation immediately following the closing of the formal call for proposals.

Proposal submissions should be sent to

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