PBI Network Goals

  • Improve efficiency of new practice implementation through use of standing clinical implementation sites
  • Increase involvement of field clinicians, managers and patients in the processes of implementation to ensure that real-world perspectives are carefully considered
  • Identify barriers and facilitators of implementation and learn from local solutions developed by participating facilities
  • Increase coordination, teamwork and information sharing across primary care, specialized PTSD treatment clinics and general mental health clinics
  • Increase speed of innovation adoption
  • Improve clinician skills and accountability for patient outcomes
  • Enhance collaboration across departments
  • Conduct and evaluate small scale and facility-based projects prior to enterprise change initiatives; avoid unnecessary failures and waste of resources
  • Incorporate quality improvement methods, to include formative evaluation before, during and after implementation

If you’d like more information about the PBI Network, please contact the Deployment Health Clinical Center at 301-295-7692.

The DoD/VA PBI Network page on Max.gov can be accessed with a PIV or CAC.