Inpatient Bed Days


The graph and table below display one measure of inpatient mental health care utilization in the direct care system from fiscal year 2005 through fiscal year 2015. Specifically, these data show the total and average number of mental health-related bed days (i.e. days hospitalized) at any military treatment facility (MTF) among active duty service members (ADSMs) who had at least one direct care inpatient stay. These data are further stratified by military service (i.e. Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy) and include active Guard and Reserves.


  • The total number of direct care inpatient mental health-related bed days rose from 51,510 in fiscal year 2005 to its highest level of 74,073 in fiscal year 2014. The average number of bed days among ADSMs remained fairly stable throughout fiscal years 2005 to 2015, hovering around 7. Consistent with reported trends in outpatient visits and inpatient stays, the total number of mental health-related inpatient bed days was highest among Army ADSMs, whereas the mean and median number of inpatient bed days fluctuated among all listed services during the measurement period.