Suicide Risk

VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for Assessment and Management of Patients at Risk for Suicide

FDA Warning/Regulatory Alert

This guideline references a drug(s) for which important revised regulatory and/or warning information has been released since completion of the CPG.

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Suicide Risk Clinical Support Tools

  • Suicide Prevention: Risk Factors and Warning Signs for Family Members and Caregivers (2020)
    • Brochure that describes suicide warning signs, risk factors, and what family members and caregivers can do to help a loved one in crisis.
  • Safety Plan Worksheet (2020)
    • Printable worksheet, designed to enable health care provider and patient to collaboratively identify a patient’s stressful triggers, warning signs, sources of support, coping strategies and ways to access health care and crisis assistance. Providers should give the completed safety plan to the patient and include a copy in the electronic record.
  • Safety Plan Worksheet (digital version) (2020)
    • A digital version of the Safety Plan Worksheet, complete with drop-down boxes to further personalize entries for people patients can contact for help and plans for lethal means safety. Once completed collaboratively with a provider, this tool is designed to be saved electronically, enabling patients and providers to access it via their digital devices and update as needed.
  • Safety Plan Worksheet: Brief Instructions for Providers (2020)
    • Printable worksheet with step-by-step instructions, designed to help providers guide patients through the collaborative process of completing the patient Safety Plan Worksheet.
  • Crisis Response Plan (2020)
    • Printable, collaborative safety planning tool for trained providers and their patients to create a dynamic plan to reduce patient risk for suicidal behavior. This tool also includes instructions for providers and crisis hotline numbers.
  • Lethal Means Counseling: Recommendations for Providers (2020)
    • Provider factsheet with information on how to counsel patients at risk for suicide on reducing their access to lethal means, as well as helpful firearm means safety recommendations and provider resources.
  • Reducing Access to Firearms: A Suicide Prevention Guide for Military Leaders (2020)
    • Factsheet with information to help commanders manage service members’ suicide risk with best practices for reducing access to lethal means.
  • Suicide Risk Provider Pocket Guide (2019)
    • A concise overview of guidelines and decision aids for primary and specialty care providers related to identification, evaluation, and management of patients at acute risk of suicide.

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