Depleted Uranium Medical Management Program

DoD maintains a DU medical screening and management program to identify and track service members who may have been exposed to DU. It is part of DoD's overall surveillance program for service members when they return from deployment.

DoD policy calls for offering referral to all service members who have embedded DU fragments or other evidence of DU exposure found during testing to the VA DU Medical Follow-up Program. The VA's program was developed in 1993 for ongoing monitoring of exposed service members in order to identify any long-term health effects of DU exposure. To date, the VA has found no health problems associated with DU exposure in veterans exposed to DU.

The DU Archive has moved from PCHoE to the Army Public Health Center, Environmental Surveillance Integration Program. For information about the archive, please call 410-436-4230.

Information on DoD and VA DU Medical Management Programs