Periodic Health Assessment

In accordance with HA Policy 06-006, Periodic Health Assessment Policy for Active Duty and Selected Reserve Members, Feb. 16, 2006, all active-duty service members and members of the selected reserve (SELRES) are required to receive a Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) annually in order to ensure medical readiness and help improve the health status of military personnel. The PHA includes:

  • a current self-reported health status
  • review of medical records
  • identification
  • referral for current health
  • mental health problems
  • identification and management of occupational health risks
  • preventive health needs
  • identification and development of a plan to manage health risks

DoDI 6025.19, Individual Medical Readiness (IMR), June 9, 2014 provides additional guidance for implementation of the PHA.

DD Form 3024, Annual Periodic Health Assessment, April 2016 is used to document the PHA. The results of the PHA must be documented in the medical record using DD Form 3024, DD Form 2766 (Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet) and any other applicable service-specific documents and in the service-specific Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) tracking system.