DoD/VA PBI Network

PBI Network Practice Based Implementation A community of behavioral health providers that will lead the rapid translation of research findings into rountine clinical practice

The DoD/VA Practice-Based Implementation (PBI) Network is an infrastructure that bridges the gap between mental health research and clinical practice in the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and serves to more rapidly translate research findings by facilitating practice changes.

Based on the principles of implementation science, the network was designed as a means to engage clinicians and leaders in the piloting of evidence-based treatments and other emerging best practices to help service members and veterans address psychological health-related problems. The PBI Network consists of subject matter experts who are poised to translate selected innovations in both departments.

The PBI Network uses a stepwise approach to research translation and implementation that was developed by integrating several evidence-based implementation frameworks and strategies. It consists of six coordinated steps that are continuously informed by close collaboration with stakeholders and new evidence from implementation science. It increases provider knowledge and accountability, promotes coordination and information sharing, and aims to reduce costs by testing practice change initiatives prior to broader dissemination throughout the Military Health System (MHS).

PBI Network Translation and Implementation Approach - 1. Engage Stakeholders - 2. Translate research evidence - 3. Disseminate evidence-based practice - 4. Facilitate and monitor implementation - 5. Evaluate implementation process and outcomes - 6. Support sustained adoption of practice

Download a full overview of the PBI Network Approach to Research Translation and Implementation in the Military Health System.

The PBI Network uses an online community on the platform that serves as a knowledge repository and a resource to support practice changes, allowing DoD and VA providers to share information, materials, and lessons learned. To request access to the site, please contact the PBI Network.

Consultation Request Form

The PBI Network provides subject matter consultation to individuals and organizations in need of help with the planning and/or implementation of practice change efforts as well as general implementation science assistance. To receive consultation, download and complete a Consultation Request Form and email it to the PBI Network team at