Accelerating Psychological Health Research Findings into Clinical Practice Through the Practice-Based Implementation Network Model

The benefits of new clinical research developments often take years to reach patients. As such, the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs built the Practice-Based Implementation (PBI) Network as an infrastructure to facilitate more rapid translation of psychological health research into clinical practice changes to improve the quality of care for military and veteran patients. This paper describes the model developed by the DoD PBI Network, which is aligned with the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research, to select and pilot psychological health practice changes throughout the Military Health System.

The US Department of Defense Practice-Based Implementation (PBI) Network: estimating return on investment

The Department of Defense (DoD) Practice-Based Implementation (PBI) Network works to identify new research findings for enterprise-wide practice change implementation, pilots identified practice changes, evaluates implementation, and provides enterprise feedback to inform policy and practice decisions. As the DoD health care system does not produce data necessary to conduct a traditional return on investment (ROI) or to assess cost effectiveness using normally qualifying concept categories for the complex framework of the PBI Network, a new alternative model and methodology was developed. This manuscript describes the theoretical basis for the model and methodology, and explores further potential applications of the model.