Psych Health Evidence Briefs

PHCoE produces expert-reviewed evidence briefs on existing and potential treatments for psychological health conditions that are commonly experienced by service members. Psych Health Evidence Briefs provide summaries of the available scientific evidence and clinical guidance to inform providers, patients and others who may have questions about the effectiveness of these treatments. The briefs are updated every three years to include the latest evidence and guidance.

New Evidence Briefs

Additional Evidence Briefs by Condition

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Each brief includes:

  • An introduction of the treatment or topic, including a brief description of the treatment and the potential mechanisms of action
  • Guidance from existing VA/DoD evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) when available
  • Identification and summaries of reviews conducted by organizations recognized as employing rigorous methodology with similar grading systems as the VA/DoD CPGs
  • For treatments with an emerging or inconsistent evidence base, a systematic literature search is conducted
  • A conclusion that summarizes what is known and what has yet to be determined, as well as guidance about adoption

Read more about the methodology behind Psych Health Evidence Briefs.

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