Psychological Health by the Numbers

These mental health surveillance and monitoring reports aim to identify and describe trends in mental health and mental health care within the Military Health System.

  • Mental Health Disorder Prevalence

    Period prevalence of mental health disorders within the active duty service member (ADSM) and activated Guard and reserves (G/R) populations, 2005-2016
  • Mental Health Outpatient Utilization

    Metrics on outpatient care by disorder among ADSM and G/R populations, 2005-2017 (total care receiving population, total outpatient encounters, and encounters per patient)

  • Mental Health Inpatient Utilization

    Metrics on inpatient care by disorder among ADSM and G/R populations, 2005-2017 (total hospitalizations, total bed days, and average bed days per hospitalization)

  • Mental Health Care Follow-up Post Hospitalization

    Patient-level metric assessing mental health care follow-up among ADSMs who were discharged from a mental health-related hospitalization in 2015

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