Suicide Prevention Awareness Month - September 2017

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide is preventable. However, suicide prevention is not easy. Suicide prevention requires courage to combat vulnerability, caring to combat extreme pain, and determination to combat apathy. Successful suicide prevention also requires knowledge about suicide risk, available treatments and resources, and procedures for maintaining safety. 

At PHCoE, we work year-round to ensure that we are informed of the latest suicide-related research and DoD- and VA-based suicide prevention efforts and programs. For the month of September, we are taking special care to disseminate best and/or evidence-based practices for suicide prevention. You can find detailed information on suicide-related screening and treatment in the suicide section of the website. We hope to increase your knowledge about suicide prevention so that you will feel empowered to be there for someone in your unit, service, workplace, home, or community.

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Suicide Prevention Blogs

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